Your EZ Domain Guide

The EZDG is a tool to register any domain you want for your business or personal use. You can also use it to invest in domain names, and to post them in the marketplace.

I also recommend that you join DNForum, Namepros and DomainState. These can help you choose better domain names. There are also videos on youtube, some giving good, and some bad advise. But right now 4 letter.coms (like are in higher demand, in fact a few days ago, I bought for 58 dollars. Within the next 24 hours, I had a deal in place to sell it for $200. If you know where to look, sometimes you can find deals like that. I sold another (4 to a guy on NamePros for 300, that I had registered years ago.

And if it is a domain without A, E, I, O, U or V, it could go for 1000’s. These have become known as Chinese Premium names, as the Chinese pay a premium for them. Same for pretty much any short names, in several extention, including some new ones are being registered daily on the .CM extension, a normally higher priced extention, that is reportedly running a promotion for 19.95 for it’s domains.

Amother site I have set up, is a bulk domain checker, called It also checks for Alexa rank and Google Page Rank. While these may not say you have traffic, they may have a higher chance to have traffic than most.